Health and safety

Our health and safety vision is zero incidents, zero harm, zero compromise.

We have a Health and Safety Officer allocated to each contract we undertake, responsible for completion of Method Statements, arranging Tool Box Talks, Risk Assessments, Coshh, QUENSH Menus and all other health and safety related matters.

This vision is underpinned by seven principles that we are committed to delivering to ensure that everyone goes home safe and well at the end of each working day which as follows:


  • providing visible leadership – senior management leading by example
  • establishing a system to enable everyone to record their concerns in confidence
  • recognising health and safety achievements through regular rewards
  • engaging with staff at all levels through, consultation, surveys and other feedback opportunities


  • everyone has the appropriate health, safety and environmental training to fulfil their role
  • We will also ensure that skills align to roles. This means that when someone is placed in a job, they have the necessary competence to carry out the work safely.

Health and Wellbeing

  • ensuring that everyone is fit to undertake their daily work
  • ensuring that our management systems cover all the key aspects of work that affect health and wellbeing

Safe Work Place

  • provide or make sure others provide briefings and information to all so that every person on a site understands the key hazards, safety and environmental procedures
  • ensure that all plant and equipment can be safely operated and is maintained


  • encouraging collaborative working and sharing of best practice between, operatives, supervision and management
  • vetting the supply chain to ensure they are aligned with our principles and objectives


  • safety and environmental alerts and briefing notes to keep everyone aware of the hazards we face while at work
  • performance reporting so that we understand trends and can put preventative action or controls in place

Performance and Improvement

  • ensure that regular, programmed safety and environmental inspections are undertaken
  • measure our performance and strive to continually improve through the use of health and safety performance indicators


Our Company’s primary environmental objective is that it should be seen and recognised as an environmentally conscious and responsible organisation which makes a pro-active and positive impact on the environment which we all live and work in.

It is our aim, in establishing and implementing our environmental policy, that (in line with ISO 14001: 1996, clause 4.2), we ensure:

  • it is appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our activities, the products we use and the services we provide (so that it contributes to the overall viability of the of the organisation)
  • it includes a commitment to assist in working towards a sustainable future, the prevention of pollution and continual improvement of the environmental management system.
  • it includes a commitment to comply with and where reasonably practicable to exceed the requirements of relevant environmental legislation and regulations and with other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.
  • it provides the framework in the form of our documented integrated management system (particularly the environmental management procedures, with emphasis on management review) for setting and reviewing quantifiable environmental objectives and targets.
  • it is documented, implemented and maintained and communicated to all employees and by appropriate means, to all others who are or may be involved in or affected by our actions.

The general environmental issues that we seek to address and the general approaches that we seek adopt, include:

  • reduction of waste and reduction of resource consumption
  • prevention of polluting releases to the environment
  • designing and planning, strategically, existing and new services for optimal performance whilst minimising any negative environmental impacts that may arise from their delivery
  • controlling the environmental effects of raw material resourcing
  • ensuring that employees and other relevant Company representatives are trained to understand our environmental policy objectives and that they have the skills to implement it
  • involving the local community in matters that affect them

It is important to our business and to our people that our serious approach to environmental improvement is recognised by our customers, the general public and our own employees and sub-contracted representatives including suppliers and all other organisations and people we from time to time work alongside and with whom we must co-operate to ensure the continued success of our business and projects.


We embrace the necessity for statutory and relevant regulatory compliance and strive to put ‘best practice’ management systems into place for everything that our business engages in, and to ensure that all relevant governmental regulatory and industry-voluntary requirements as well as our customers’ needs and expectations are met.  In striving to meet these goals, our aim is to continually improve our business in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, employee loyalty and most of all the quality of service that we provide to our customers.  Key performance Indicators will either be in place or will be in development, if and where reasonably practicable, to assist with measurement, monitoring and analysis of the overall business process to check whether we are satisfying the business objectives while also providing to assist with the basis for continual business and process improvement.